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Do Passwords Better
Because passwords can be less annoying

What is Passfault?


Passfault evaluates the strength of passwords accurately enough to predict the time to crack. It makes creating passwords and password policies significantly more intuitive and simple.

Measures the size of password patterns and identifies more weak passwords, yet allows strong passwords that don't match traditional password policies
Provides detailed analysis of the password and sub patterns within the password, so users quickly learn how to make strong passwords without training.
Presents the password strength as the "time to crack" to help communicate the risk of poor paswords, providing the incentive to create stronger passwords.
Empowers administrators to know and control the strength and risk of the organization's passwords.

What does Passfault Do:

When setting a password, Passfault examines the password, looking for common patterns. Passfault than measures the strength of the patterns and combinations of patterns. The end result is a more academic and accurate measurement of password strength.

When setting a password policy, passfault simplifies configuration to one simple, intuitive and meaningful measurement: the time to crack

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